Ляйсан Утяшева восхищается Алиной Кабаевой Famous gymnast remember sports past. She admires the charisma of Alina Kabaeva. Laysan utiasheva believes that personal charm of the man plays a big role in achieving the goals.

      Ляйсан Утяшева восхищается Алиной Кабаевой

      For two years the famous gymnast Laysan utiasheva is the permanent host of “Dancing.” During this time she was able to draw their own conclusions about who most often wins the project. Rosie noted that usually the audience remember the emotional participants. She also drew a parallel with her athletic career and did not hide that he admires how were Alina Kabaeva.

      Alina Kabaeva is changing the lives of others: history, which we didn’t know

      “In the gym the same wins charismatic gymnast. If Alina came out — she smiled, danced, and burned! When I came out, I was like I dropped something or not. I only knew that dance was in music, in emotions! Even thought, where the object flies. I could drop, but I was not ashamed, because I knew that was completely surrendered to the moment,” said utiasheva.

      Despite the fact that now Rosie has finished her sports career, she continues to live a healthy lifestyle performs a set of exercises to keep in shape. Their children – son Robert and daughter Sofia – utiasheva not forced to train, and tries to make it so that they wanted to join her during class.

      “In the morning we do exercises, but I’m not all over son, and not make it. If he is interested then he will come running and he’ll do exercises with me. If you do not want, and will continue to dig in your clay or Lego to play. Especially on exercises I don’t call”, – said the presenter.

      Now the son Utyasheva interest in football and swimming. According to her, the boy grows very active. It is interesting to be among their peers. Despite the fact that Rosie gave many years of professional sports, she dreams of the children followed her example. A celebrity tries to make the heirs tried his hand in different directions and have decided that they are interested in most.

      “I’m not going to insist on big-time sports. But you need to offer and to show the children different sports — tennis, Golf, dancing, swimming, gymnastics. If something is seriously interested in is great,” said utiasheva in an interview with Spletnik.