Орландо Блум спас бездомную собаку

Filming in Shanghai, the actor picked up on the street wounded dog, took her to the vet and personally helped the physician to treat her wounds.

In China’s largest city, Shanghai, Orlando bloom (Orlando Bloom) gave the film a “Smart rush: fire and earth” (Smart Chase: Fire & Earth). While walking around the city, bloom noticed a wounded stray dog.

The actor took the dog to a veterinary clinic and he helped the doctor to wash it and to cut off the hair to treat the wound. The whole process captured on camera, and recording bloom posted in the “History” on instagram. Yahoo News managed to keep the videos short.

The actor is not the first time cares about the fate of homeless animals. In 2004, during the filming of the movie “Kingdom of heaven” in Morocco, the actor picked the dog Judge, who was left at home.