Стеша Маликова о бойфренде: «Леня красиво ухаживал за мной два года» The successor of the famous artist openly spoke of a young man. In recognition of Stephanie, Leonid tried to get her attention. But over time, Malikova realized that he was the. The girl also admitted that her choice is her whole world.

      Стеша Маликова о бойфренде: «Леня красиво ухаживал за мной два года»

      Not so long ago there was news that 16-year-old daughter of Dmitry Malikov Stephanie is Dating 18-year-old son of billionaire Leonid Gruzdev. The girl herself, until recently, did not comment on this information, just expressed, that, perhaps, will dance with a young man at the ball’s in the hall of columns. However, recently Malikov openly spoke about Leonid and told more about their relationship.

      Stephanie admitted that her partner is monitoring her page on Ask.fm. This social network is the successor of the artist and confirmed their relationship with him. Apparently, the couple is getting serious. On the question of the subscriber about whether the questioned Malikov, Leonid – the same, she replied in the negative. The daughter of the known singer also told about how the young man sought her.

      “To be honest, I don’t like the word “achieve” in relation to the girl. I believe that you can achieve your goal. It beautifully looked after throughout two very long-winded… I grew up and realized that my world is this person,” shared Stephanie Malikova.

      More information about his relationship with. the young girl did not disclose. She informed the followers that he is not going to tell you about my most vivid moments with Leonid. “This is my secret,” commented Stephanie. She also added that nothing hides, just do not want to discuss the relationship with her boyfriend. “I believe that happiness loves silence”, – explained his action by the heir of a famous singer.

      Recall that for the first time about the passion of Stephanie, became known last week. In the program “the Secret million dollar” her father Dmitry Malikov admitted that his daughter has a young man, with which it communicates frequently than with others. He also said that the elect Stephanie 18 years old, and his name is Leonid.

      Later, reporters learned that Stephanie is Dating the heir to the ex-Governor of Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev. The guy sought the girl for several years, but she responded to his advances only six months ago. Together with Leonid it-girl appeared at the Tatler party, Teen Party, but then the young people were impressed with friends. Stesha Malikova is Dating the son of millander

      Currently a student of elite grammar school “Zhukovka” is actively preparing for the Ball debutantes Tatler, held in early November in Moscow. And after the 11th grade Malikov is going to study journalism at MGIMO. The girl admitted it in a recent interview.