Лариса Копенкина доказала, что не изменилась за 40 лет The ex-wife of Prokhor Chaliapin nostalgic for the past. Larissa Kopenkina posted on his page on “Instagram” the photo archive, where she’s charming smiles. Fans of the star noted that over the years, it does not change.

      Лариса Копенкина доказала, что не изменилась за 40 лет

      Thanks to a short but colorful novel with Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina became famous throughout the country. Businesswoman has become a real popular celebrity. She is often a guest on various talk shows as an expert. And the number of followers on the microblog stars every day is only growing.

      Crazy bride: Larisa Kopenkina told the truth about the marriage with Prokhor Chaliapin

      In Instagram Larissa often pleases fans of your photos, which sometimes look quite provocative. And recently, the star decided to satisfy the curiosity of those subscribers who wanted to see what she looked like in his youth. Kopenkina published archival black-and-white photo in which she smiles sweetly.

      “Ah, where my 18 years… have a life… UPS and downs, joy and pain, happiness and frustration, loneliness and betrayal, hopes and villainy, of success and revenge… But after going through everything, stay with faith in a miracle and be happy, regardless of other people’s opinions and convictions! Be all love, and merciful”, signed photograph of Larissa.

      “The smile left! Time has no power over it”, “Beauty, you really like me as a woman. You – well done! An example for all of us” “I knew you once, Larissa. You have not changed, the same beautiful”, – wrote to my darling fans.

      Interestingly, four years, unlike many other stars, has made no secret of your real age. “I am sixty! I’m not going to hide it. Yes, I am sixty. This year I celebrated my birthday, by the way,” admitted four years “StarHit”.

      By the way, Larissa often shares with fans the secrets of youth, health and good physical and spiritual form. “On screen I look like a crazy pensioner with a conscience, constantly seeking adventure. But in life I absolutely another – a cheerful, does not create absolutely no problems”, – says the star about himself.

      Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

      Businesswoman recently made an unusual gesture. In one of the social networks she again took the surname of ex-spouse “Shalyapin”. Now the subscribers of the ex-wife of actor you see in news feed posts and photos from Larisa video recording / editing. It is not excluded that in this way she gave a hint of Prokhor Chaliapin that he is not averse to take him back in his arms.

      This month, the singer broke off the engagement with his bride Anna Kalashnikova. According to the results of the DNA test the actor found out that is not the biological father of the child, which Anna gave birth a year ago.

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