Larissa Kopenkina dedicated poems to his cellulite

Лариса Копенкина посвятила стихи своему целлюлиту A businesswoman was seriously interested in poetry. Larissa Kopenkina surprised subscribers microblog funny lines. With his work the woman decided to respond to negative comments on.

Ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin – 54-year-old Larisa Kopenkina not accustomed to be ashamed of their figures. She is an active user’s Instagram, where I publish pictures in skimpy outfits. For example, recently in the account of the ex-wife of the singer was photographed in two-piece. According to the post, the frame sealed “dangerous and unpredictable woman.”

However, such records it is hard to impress the followers, the business lady. So she came up with a new way to surprise the public. More recently, Larissa writes witty poems that dedicates their appearance, age and lifestyle. Probably, these lines Kopenkina publishes to pacify the haters, who never miss a chance to Express the negative in her address.

“Even if cellulite, it does not spoil my life! Even if informed, did not prevent ever. Even if you don’t so, don’t look at me for marriage! I live how I want, you do not climb, not taught. If you I don’t like, well I don’t pry into your soul. That you came to me, turned around and left!” – wrote beauty.

It is unknown if such a method helps in the fight against detractors, but fans of women come to the delight of poetic creativity favorite. They noticed that businesswoman has become much more confident lately. And some of the members even expressed a desire to read frequently much of the original quatrains.

“You’re a dear! Self-sufficient, independent, gorgeous”, “Where do these evil tongues find flaws in you? Lara, you have a long crazy beauty legs and smooth marble skin. Don’t listen to anybody!”, “Looking at you, not afraid of growing up!”, “Lines! Now you are my favorite author! I hope that soon you will again be visited by the Muse!” commented on users of the social network.

But despite the apparent confidence, the woman still suffers from unpleasant words in his address. That is why Kopenkina decided on surgery. A few months ago, the businesswoman made a neck lift. This prompted angry words users of the social network. However, according to the most beauties her age, such procedures are required. She is perplexed when young girls tend to change their appearance. But if we are talking about Mature ladies, then surgical intervention is normal, says Larissa. Larissa Kopenkina decided on plastic neck