Guy Ritchie will become the Lord of Djinn

Гай Ричи станет повелителем Джинна
Will Smith will try to outshine Robin Williams.

Гай Ричи станет повелителем Джинна

Guy Ritchie


Will Smith


Fans of guy Ritchie’s intrigued. Became
it is known that Hai will make a new version of the adventures of Aladdin. And this time, we are not talking about
entertainment and a feature film with the living, not the painted actors. This information appeared on the website

Guy Ritchie, famous as
the Director, his fighters like “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels” and the franchise about Sherlock Holmes, decided to learn
new region — Eastern tale. While about a new project not known
too much. As told Richie he
‘ve already picked the actor for the role of the Genie which Aladdin accidentally released from
magic lamp, it will play 48-year-old will Smith. “I highly appreciate the talent of will
Smith. I’ll be happy to work with him. However, the very theme of this movie, I
it seems extremely exciting. I look forward to when I can start
the filming!” — confessed to a guy during his interview at the premiere of another of his
the film “the Sword of king Arthur”, which
the domestic audience will be able to see the rest.

Incidentally, the old,
animated version of Aladdin , produced in 1992 year
at the time, grossed more than $ 500 million and was
awarded two “Oscars”. Recall that in
the “cartoon” the role of the Genie, which is now Ritchie was entrusted with will Smith,
voiced by Robin Williams, who passed away three years ago.

As for Richie, his interest in the project, probably, not quite
selfless. After all, the last time
the adaptation of fairy tales make fantastic fees at the box office. So, released
this year on the screens of the new version of “beauty and the beast” added to the account
created her Studio for staggering sum of over a billion dollars, which allowed
this film to be among the most financially successful films in history.