Larissa Kopenkina anti-aging

Лариса Копенкина борется со старением Well-known businesswoman is trying by all means to look younger. Larissa Kopenkina strives to preserve the beauty. Fans are very excited that she is sharing secrets with them, talking about various procedures, tried and tested on myself.

      Лариса Копенкина борется со старением

      Well-known businesswoman of Larins Kopenkina affects others with their endless energy. Also fans say that she looks beautiful. Despite the fact that ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin is causing delight and admiration of their appearance, the woman tries to do everything to preserve the beauty. Four years does not hide the methods of struggle with the treacherous wrinkles.

      “Soon the New year and want to meet to look at 100. Recently learned the delights of buccal massage! Girls, this is a unique method of rejuvenation! Very often practiced in Europe, is now in demand in Moscow! After a few procedures visibly smoothed nasolabial folds and began a fresh complexion! Will continue the course – I’m sure the result will be the bomb! My favorite procedure plasmolifting my beautician made a plan of certain procedures before the New year and moisturizing the face is one of the objectives! And there is no PRP can not do! I always like to relax! Love to be in good hands! What you all want!” – wrote the former wife of Prokhor Chaliapin.

      Fans were happy that Larisa Kopenkina shared with them her secrets of beauty. They complimented the well-known entrepreneur and acknowledged that her figure and face are in excellent condition and treatments only help her maintain her youthful appearance. “Larochka, stop torturing yourself, you good”, “Lara, without PRP and without any other injections can do,” wrote loyal followers.

      Apparently, the biological age of 61-year-old Larisa Kopenkina is not an obstacle to the turbulent and busy life. She accepts the advances from men a lot younger than her and not paying attention to the words of spiteful critics. A can’t forget a bright but brief marriage to a graduate of “factory of stars-6” Prokhor Chaliapin. Their family life has not held up to the first anniversary.

      “On screen I look like a crazy pensioner with a conscience, constantly seeking adventure. But in life I absolutely another – a cheerful, does not create absolutely no problems,” said Larissa in an interview with “StarHit”.