Екатерина Климова показала дракона в постели The actress stirred the imagination of fans. Klimov has published a “hot” photo taken in bed. Fans of celebrities praised her beautiful form and wished once more to see the intimate tattoo of the star.

      38-year-old Ekaterina Klimova rarely shared with fans candid publications, however, recently she made an exception. Celebrity has published a spicy photo. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog star, the actress is depicted sitting on a bed in front of a mirror, a large portion of her figure is hidden from prying eyes.

      Fans Klimova found that it looks amazing, and made the artist a lot of compliments. Followers of Catherine is also glad that I finally saw once again the intimate tattoo on her thigh. They came to the conclusion that the star was tattooed on his body of the dragon. “The very best”, “crazy beauty”, “Wonderful sense of humor and style”, “Ideal woman”, “Sexy”, “Kate, you’re great”, “Fire”, “Show drawing closer,” “Inspiring,” “No words chic”, “Excites the imagination”, “Oh”, was discussed by the fans of a celebrity.

      Earlier Klimau shared a spicy photo where she poses in the backdrop of the interiors Hamam baths, located in one of the spas in Kazan. “It was beautiful” – with these words the actress has signed the. The bold pose of the star, dressed in a bathing suit, caused a storm of emotions among its subscribers. However, the more likely their attention was attracted by a medium size tattoo on hip, Catherine. Is it real or temporary, the star decided not to ask.

      Later in the microblog Klimova appeared a shot of her in a bikini. As a photographer, made the husband of actress Gela Meskhi. Then fans of the celebrity saw the intricate tattoo on her left hip and concluded that it is a real design on the body of their idol.

      By the way, during the relationship with Igor Petrenko Ekaterina decided to immortalize on the body memory of the actor. The woman was tattooed on the ankle of the right leg barely noticeable pattern in the form of flocks of butterflies that fly up. It represents freedom and the beginning of a new stage in life.

      However, dreams Klimova was not to be. At the moment, the actress is happily married to Gela Meskhi. Secret celebrity wedding happened in June last year. The couple has four children – Lisa, Matthew, Korney and the baby Bella, which in October turned a year old. Not so long ago, Klimov and Meskhi starred in the TV series NTV “Guardian”. Year-old daughter Klimova and Meskhi is increasing at a copy of the father