Larissa guzeyeva told about the accusations of her husband

Лариса Гузеева рассказала об упреках мужа TV presenter admitted that her husband sometimes makes her claim. To support the hero of the show, “let’s get married” Larisa Guzeeva explained how the relationship in her family. Apparently, some of the words that says star husband Igor Burkhanov, she perceives only with humor.

      The presenter of the popular program “let’s get married” Larisa Guzeeva often results in broadcast programs examples from his life to explain to the heroes that some situations are repeated in many families. A man named Yuri, who came to look for love on the show, admitted that the previous wife he was having problems after she gave birth to two children.

      According to him, the wife has ceased to monitor their appearance and sufficiently stout that it is quite untenable, since all his life he was quite athletic and fit. Guzeeva remembered a funny story from the life, in order to convince the hero that a woman should be loved any.

      “My husband Igor has lost 27 pounds. Looks like the silver-haired boy. And travel. From one trip. “Quickly, go get me the bag! Put this pink shirt”. I said: “the night”. “Yes, I 7 remove fly away”. I his shirt with a dryer land. And then tells me “what are you so remiss? Summer was normal… what you look like? What are you looks bloated?”, noted Guzeeva.

      According to the star, earlier this never happened in her relationship. She was surprised that her husband had gone to five trips in a row. As admitted Burkhanov, to keep warm, he took to Yakutsk hat daughter Lelia, as its headwear appeared to him to be unfashionable. Daughter Larisa Guzeeva: “I am lazy”

      Smiling, Guzeeva noted that such statements about the frequent trips of the spouse may be of interest to her colleagues with the First channel. “Igor, if that is then included in the program by Andrei Malakhov,” joked Larisa.

      Summing up this fiery ironical of speech, the presenter noted that to keep the husband away for the night, but he should think about his frequent absences. By the way, sometimes Guzeeva even checks the phone of the spouse. The guests of Ivan Urgant Larissa told how the scandal wife. “I check my husband’s phone, see who its subscribers will. And once there found this stuff! I immediately to Igor: “this maiden are you doing?” And he began to tell me that accidentally poked her, they’d removed. But the scandal we had, just before the divorce did not come! Children participated, cried and said: “Mom, don’t!”, recalled the star of “let’s get married”.