Marilyn Kerro looking for support from the mother before the finale “battle of the psychics”

Мэрилин Керро ищет поддержки у матери перед финалом «Битвы экстрасенсов» Project participant spends time in the company of a relative. Very soon there will be a final test to choose the most powerful psychic. Girl saw mother so she gave her moral support in such a difficult period.

      At the end of December will end on the seventeenth season of “the Battle of psychics.” The final project got four of the strongest Magi, among whom were Marilyn Kerro. Estonian witch takes part in the program the third time, I don’t really like her enemies. Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      Recently Marilyn was reunited with her mother INTA. Kerro has shared pictures with a relative in his microblog. Apparently, the girls are very strong bond with the parent. Mary tries to see my mother and receives from such meetings a lot of positive impressions.

      “When I need support and a warm embrace, she is always here. Best mom in the world”, – has signed a frame with INTA Mary.

      In the second photo, the witch is sitting with his mother in the apartment, decorated with various magical attributes. They look at each other and laugh. As noted by the subscribers, Marilyn, Marilyn’s mother looks very young and beautiful. “Intimacy has nothing to do with distance,” said Kerro in the caption to the picture.

      Viewers of channel TNT saw the mother of the witches in the profiles, which record for each participant of “Battle of psychics.” Marilyn is not the only child in the family, she has three more sisters. Kerro is not just remember that mom worked very hard to daughters were all provided. A witch herself as well before beginning to work: she took a job as a saleswoman. In 2013, the latest money Mary came to Moscow and went to the casting of “the battle of psychics.”

      Family supports any initiatives 27-year-old witch. Even familiar Kerro surprised her forcefulness and determination. Because not every mage a few times to test your strength and compete with the strongest.

      “Three times to go through this psychologically and physically difficult. Mary the third time came in the show “inhale”, and I wish her soon to exhale, which did not happen in the 16th “Battle”. I’m afraid of her disappointment – soldiers can not disappoint… They are like oaks – their branches do not bend, like the willow, and immediately break down. No, not testing her break – she’s a Pro. You need to fear the petty Backbiters: other psychics perceive it in bayonets Mary strong opponent, so for her to say bad things, spread rumors,” admitted Danis, Grinstein, participated in the fourteenth season of “the Battle of psychics” with Mary.