Лариса Луппиан: «Я готова была бежать от Боярского без оглядки»
The actress spoke about the difficult times in her life with Mikhail Boyarsky.

Лариса Луппиан: «Я готова была бежать от Боярского без оглядки»

Larisa Luppian family

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Larisa Luppian played many roles in theater and film, but still his main achievement considers what saved the family. Relations with Mikhail Boyarsky has not always been rosy, many times Larissa was going to get a divorce, I was ready to run from her husband without looking back, but something stopped her. Now the actress is glad that I found the strength and saved the marriage.

“Misha’s one closer than I have,” says Luppian. — I may not have played all that I wanted, but fully realized as a wife and mother. Until the eleventh grade I every day and Serezha, and Lisochku drove to school and took them back.”

And now Larisa is closely monitoring the progress of their children and helping her daughter with her son Andrew. “Lisa is now acting heyday — great roles in the theater, and film. She starred in the role of Anna Karenina, and this is the dream of every actress. I watch her with joy, with pride, but with caution, because I know how deceptive life. I, too, was a favorite student and suddenly overnight became a pariah. Career artist is very fragile. Every day you need to conquer a new summit. And strength because not enough for all, we have to leave something for family… So I’m with mixed feelings perceive the Lysine success. Of course, with the education of Andrew we helped her. But because the child needs a mother. Lisa cherishes every moment she can be with her son. But the child is still small, he wants mom all the time was near. But employment at Lisa’s incredible: she and her family lives in Moscow and works in St. Petersburg, in Dodin’s theatre. Here keeps her creativity. It runs in a loss to the family. Spends money, health, emotions, to get the pleasure of working with a favorite Director Lev Dodin Abramovich. I pray that it is not overstrained and the son later forgave her for what she’s shuttled from city to city. After all, the children all saved, they all remember. I still remember the eternal wait mom… So very hard… I can’t say how lucky Lisa is famous! The situation is ambiguous. But life will put everything in its place”.

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Larisa Luppian and Mikhail Boyarsky

Photo: Alexey Ustinov/TASS

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