С Тимати случилось ЧП на морской прогулке
The musician remained without communication.


Photo: @timatiofficial (Instagram Video)

During boat trips Timothy slipped on deck and dropped
overboard your phone, which was all working contacts. Thanks to social
networks musician warned in time business partners about this incident and asked
urgent issues, to communicate with his assistant.

This is not the first incident that occurs with the 32-year-old
Timothy during travel on sea. In November last year, while vacationing in the Caribbean
the rapper even had to go to the surgeons after the attack Barracuda. Predatory
fish took the star surfer for prey, which is not surprising, because from the depths
Board as its silhouette resembles a sea turtle. And such attacks do not
rare. Usually barracudas sink teeth into arteries and veins of the legs, causing
excessive bleeding that is difficult to stop. Fortunately, attacked
singer predator missed and bit his big toe. The
not less wound and had to have stitches under local anaesthesia.

But this adventure Timothy did not end. Literally
the next day the musician who decided to ride on the kayak, was
chase the shark. Only on the shore, watching the video recording, which made
from the shore, the singer learned that it was safe for human the whale shark. But
the adrenaline in that moment, when Timothy saw behind her black
fin was the ultimate.

In comparison with the previous incidents of phone loss
does not upset the star, because in this story no one was hurt. And all
contacts will be restored soon.

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