Анна Семенович едва не сгорела в Греции
The incident happened while the singer was preparing dinner.

Анна Семенович едва не сгорела в Греции

Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich, while vacationing in Greece, decided not only
to try local dishes, but also learn how to cook them.

The singer has mastered two recipes: Greek national dish
tzatziki, representing a unique sauce based on the classic
yogurt, and cooking fish over an open fire.

Moreover, during a cooking class held in the hotel’s restaurant, the star almost became
a victim of an accident.

“When I’m at the very end of the recipe, the chef added fish to the local spirits
drink raki, you went a little overboard with the quantity, — says the mayor. —
As soon as she is not burnt. But all went well. The case ended in a happy embrace with Russian tourists,
I was treated to a delicious dinner that cooked itself”.

By the way, even on vacation, the singer has decided not to relax and
diet. Anna doesn’t allow herself to use products that contain so
called bad carbohydrates such as pastries, cakes and bread.

“Breakfast was strictly looking for a friend
absorbing the second scone with cream and quietly envied her, says
Semenovich. In our hotel they are very tasty. But I flint, flour itself is not
let you!”

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