Ирина Тонева представит сольный проект
The soloist of group “Factory” will perform in Moscow Park “Krasnaya Presnya”.

Irina Toneva

Photo: press-service of the singer

Irina Toneva, which has long promised to surprise fans, finally, will present his solo project
which began to speak eight years ago. 13 and 14 August in a Moscow Park
Krasnaya Presnya will host the festival of Life Picnic, which will be the soloist of group “Factory”.

“It seemed to us,
what Life Picnic is the platform that reflects me and
the essence of my project, — says Irina Toneva. – So we decided to choose
this event is to show what we do. Our music was in its infancy eight years
ago, when we, like many, played in some cellar, improvised,
poured soul into lyrics and music. The style of my project — electro-pop with
different elements, with some feeling of the movies. By the way,
the screen will play the video graphics to more succinctly convey
the mood of the sound. And start your own project — it does not mean that I
say goodbye to “Factory”. Of course, I remain in the group, and very grateful
the girls, Sasha Saveleva Sasha Popova and that they support me and believe in
me. At the performance I invited them and Igor Matvienko, one of the first”.

The format of the festival coincided with the preferences of Irina: she
leads a healthy and active lifestyle, a lot of time dedicated to sports,
practicing vegetarianism. In the day of the presentation of his solo project Toneva
will take part in the festival as a lecturer. In the area of “Beauty” in
16:00 she will give a private lecture on inner peace, self-love,
beauty coming from inside, and self-improvement.

By the way, Life Picnic is unique in the sense that this is the first in
Europe festival celebrating the person and to learn more about the person
his mind, consciousness and physical capacity and health. The organizers,
account of which another well known event — Geek Picnic — prepare
a rich program with performances by musicians, master classes,
laboratories, film screenings. There will be lectures about beauty, health, sports,
first and foremost, with an emphasis on the art to enjoy life, revealing their
capabilities and the ability to love yourself.

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