Лариса Гузеева представила публике бойфренда дочки
The heiress of the presenter fell in love with the bully.

Daughter Larisa Guzeeva with her boyfriend

Photo: @_larisa_guzeeva_ Instagram Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa Guzeeva was first published by the daughters of Leli as she is affectionately called, chosen. The pair she accompanied the touching comment: “Time flies and little daughter has grown adult daughter. Let all will be good at it!”

Shown Larissa photo Lola captured in the arms of your beloved. She said the fans Guzeeva, looks very happy.

The heir to the main matchmaker of the country opted for a young man named Sergey. He, judging by social networks, lives in two cities: Moscow and London. Himself he describes as “peaceful hooligan”. Elect Leli will not allow strangers in his life — his profile in Instagram open only to close friends.

Personal life managed to arrange and son Guzeeva — George. He has several years Dating a girl named Anna. In late summer the son of Kim and made her an offer of marriage. The choice of George Larisa is fully approved. “Anya is an amazing little girl, wise, loving and understanding, — says the star. — We have adopted her into their family. George she’s very lucky. And me especially!”