Dana Borisov once again forced to pass a drug test

Дану Борисову вновь заставили пройти тест на наркотики Each presenter Rustam Solntsev said that during the recording of one show, he also passed the test. The results were obtained instantaneously. They reiterated assurances Borisova that she no longer uses illegal drugs.

TV presenter Dana Borisova, which in April this year, admitted drug addiction, several months undergoing treatment in Thailand. Back in Russia, every day she reports to its subscribers in social networks that they no longer use drugs, and demonstrates how to lead a healthy lifestyle. A young woman wants to successfully rehabilitate and return the daughter – now 10-year-old Polina lives with his father Maxim Aksenov.

However, the question of the dependence of the presenter re-emerged on one of the TV shows, and she had to prove that she does not touch prohibited drugs. As reported by Rustam Solntsev, the next drug test was Given during recording of the TV show.

“The battle Shepeleva in the show “actually”. Me and Dana Borisova. During recording we baby peed in beakers and was tested for the presence of blood drugs. And, of course, both were absolutely clean! P. S: No battle came out, I love the Dunk,” wrote Rustam on his page in Instagram.

Dana Borisova and Rustam Solntsev familiar for many years. However, recently the relationship with friends didn’t work out. The star of “House-2” TV host accused of ingratitude. “You’re unbelievable” – said the sun to Dana, pointing to her friend on the “short memory” when it live said that barely are familiar with Rustam. Showman complained on a social network, Given that it avoids, though he was always glad to help her.

“No need to respect me – I will survive. But what kind of ass you would be, sweetheart, if your mother Katerina Ivanovna had not raised a howl all over the country that you need to be saved by connecting the Andrey Malakhov, me, Proshka Chaliapin and the rest of the band of merry faces. Dana, where have you been?”, – said the showman, Dan.

Rustam Solntsev turned to Dana Borisova: “You are insolent!”

The reconciliation came after another live program of Andrey Malakhov “live”, in which Dana Borisova and Rustam Solntsev presented a United front against Masha Malinovskaya. Friends spoke about the fact that I suspect Mary in drug addiction and in response I got a charge of libel.

Masha Malinovskaya grappled with Dana Borisova in a live TV show

But as said Rustam Solntsev in an interview with “StarHit”, finally they Dana Borisova reconciled precisely on the recording of “actually”.

“Two days ago was on the program with Masha Malinovskaya some people, the same Andrey Razygraev, who was trying to get me to pee during the broadcast. But there it didn’t happen. It happened at Shepeleva. We patched things up with the Dunk. I have been on this program for it to run down, to be ruthless, but I look at her and realize that I love her, I love it for my own people,” said Rustam.