Земля в Ленинградской области пользуется спросом

If the current economic situation in the country, more and more people are investing in real estate, including country.

The average cost of land in the Leningrad region amounts to 102 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters

And since in most cases the main criterion in choosing the object of investments is the financial component of the proposal, popular among the potential buyers enjoy the plots without a contract. We are talking about the land where there are no other buildings not connected to communications. According to the site Sankt-Peterburg.Naydidom.com the sale of the lands in Leningrad region is now quite popular. The average cost of land outside of St. Petersburg is 102 thousand rubles for a hundred.

How is the price of land?

Plots without a contract today are most popular among potential buyers. First, because of its low prices. Secondly, due to the fact that they allow to prolong the process of house building at any time, convenient to a new owner, depending on time and financial possibilities. The average cost of such land in the Leningrad region is 92 thousand rubles for a hundred.

But the sites with painted communications to them will cost more expensive. And to pay for acres of land in the cottage village there will be about 120 thousand rubles.

In addition, the price of land is influenced by the following factors:

  • The distance from the city. The farther from St. Petersburg is the earth, the lower its cost. The most expensive land in the suburbs of the Northern capital.
  • The surrounding nature. Automatically the value of the land increases the presence of nearby forest, river or lake. The more beautiful the surrounding landscape, the higher the cost of land.
  • The degree of readiness of the village. If the village in whose territory the land is inhabited and boasts of having the required internal infrastructure facilities, the site will cost more.
  • The status of the land. The plots allocated for individual construction, are more expensive than agricultural land.

Land with utilities or without?

The site Cottagesspb.ru note that the difference in price between plots with and without contracts are quite substantial, and thus pre-determine which option is suitable for most. Based upon the decision should be on what specific goals do you plan this land use.

For example, if the land is needed by you for temporary residence in the holiday season, the need for communications no. Land without a contract can perfectly cope with the role of a suburban area, and there’s no reason to overpay for its purchase.

But if you decide to build on this earth a full house, able to replace a city apartment, it is better to give preference to land with a contract. As cost it is cheaper than buying land without a contract and closing her communications on their own.