From idea to implementation. Free personal consultation with a sketch of the future project

От идеи к реализации. Бесплатная персональная консультация с эскизом будущего проекта

18 March from 13.00 to 17.00 on the ground floor “Twinstar” in the showroom of the company ARTPLANTS (B 17) all guests of the gallery will be able to attend a personal consultation Elena Tsareva — architect and designer, specialist interiors and remodeling.

Gallery “Tvinstor” tries to give visitors and guests the very best, so don’t get tired to look for talented professionals. A graduate of the Moscow architectural Institute, bachelor of architecture, Elena Tsareva for more than ten years of experience in interior design residential and commercial spaces.

Classic basic education helps Elena to develop design projects from zero to full realization of constant author’s supervision at all stages. Her projects are characterized by detailed qualitative study, correct space zoning, compliance with standards of housing design and impeccable composition. With the help of Elena’s customers receive not only a complete set of working drawings (electrical and engineering), but also the selection of furniture, equipment and all materials.

18 March, 13.00 Elena Tsareva will hold a series of individual consultations with guests “Twinstar”, and everyone can get their own sketch-draft of the original interior. Come to the meeting and take advantage of this unique opportunity to chat with one of the leading Russian designers, as well as to transfer to paper the ideas for Your future interior!

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