Лайма Вайкуле готовит праздник на миллион евро The singer is personally involved in the invitation of stars and compilation of the program. In July, the event will bring together colleagues of the actress. Some friends will be able to stay at home Laima Vaikule. She has already prepared a few rooms for guests.

      Лайма Вайкуле готовит праздник на миллион евро

      In July on the Baltic coast will host a four-day “Rendezvous” with the singer – in a town near Riga will bring together dozens of stars of show business.

      “Sponsoring the festival, the town Council, local businesses, – says the “StarHit” the Elite of Milgrove, organizer and friend Vajkule. – Costs currently estimated one million euros”.

      Guests will be accommodated in hotel “the lighthouse”, to treat them the same is the restaurant “36 line”.

      “Lime performs production work, directing, continues Milgrove. – When called Grigory Leps, he proposed to invite to Jurmala and Emin, and one of his disciples. She reached out and with Pugacheva. She said it would be at this time in Latvia, and will attend concerts. Alla summer will come to rest in Jurmala at least a month – with her husband and children Lisa and Harry. She had rented a Villa on the coast.

      Vaikule itself, despite an ambitious programme of action, it does not consider scale.

      “It’s the concerts with people I love – shared a lime with “StarHit”. – Helps husband Andrew: he took on organizational issues for the creative part – numbers productions”.

      At the festival, Jurmala house of the singer will become the star Inn. “Friends will be practically living with me – smiling singer. For people accustomed to our craft, that we only sleep in hotels, and even then not always. Someone will be on the night – made a few rooms. All day we will practice, to communicate”.

      Still in Latvia will not be able to bring the artists included in the “black list” countries: Valeria, Oleg Gazmanov, Joseph Kobzon. “I hope that one day the situation will change, says scientist. – Would love to see them on stage of “Dzintari”, but it’s not up to me.”

      Laima Vaikule hopes that the festival will be held at the highest level. Earlier, the singer spoke about how it is important the participation of colleagues in this event. “This will be a summer evening with old and new friends, played a role in my life. I will sing myself, they will sing something sing together, and I will tell you that these songs and people are mean to me. It is important that it happened in Jurmala, in Dzintari. Here I most feel at home, feel like anywhere else in the world,” admitted the scientist.

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