Историю семьи Кардашьян хотят сделать полнометражным фильмом

From small screen to large…

The Kardashians ripped off the real jackpot is when many years ago I published a video with sexual entertainment of one of the daughters – Kim.

Over the years, the clan managed to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and become world famous, while not showing any special talent.

The audience for the Kardashians helps to keep a reality show that shows the everyday life of each family.

Now this product can be transferred to the big screen.

It is reported that Hollywood is seriously considering filming a feature film based on the TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. For the adaptation of the family history of the Kardashians offered $ 100 million. This news was shared with the press, the author of the book “Kardashian Dynasty” Yan Alperin. The man noted that the main Studio requirement is a mandatory part in the filming of all family members.

“They want to see in the film played the whole Kardashian family. According to the research, which was conducted by the Studio, “the Family Kardashian” may be the most profitable in the history of the TV show, which turned into the film” — says the writer.

We will remind, in February, the premiere of the series “American crime story”, where he talked about advocacy the father of the Kardashian family Robert.

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