Близкие DJ Града высказались о его кончине It became known yesterday that took the life of Russian DJ Anatoly Catenin known to the public as a Grad. This was reported in the social network friend musician Vladimir Fonarev. Fans leave condolences and write words of support to relatives Satonina.

    Близкие DJ Града высказались о его кончине

    Yesterday was not Satonina Anatolia, which was known under the alias DJ Grad. According to friends of the artist, he was returning from a tour from St. Petersburg to Moscow. During the flight to the capital, the musician already was not feeling well. When he got into a taxi at the airport, he became ill. Arrived on the scene, medics were unable to save Anatoly. His heart stopped.

    The first of the death Satonina wrote on his page in the social network of his friend and colleague Vladimir Fonarev. They, along with Hail worked at the radio station Megapolis FM. “Passed away shreds Grad. Fraternal Heart,” reported briefly to their friends leading. Under this entry people leave comments of condolence and remember what it was Hail.

    Fonarev many years communicated with Hail and told us how they started their way to popularity. “2003. Atmosphere. There were five of us. Great team, friends, pros. We were young, cheerful, friendly. There were three. It is hard to understand. It’s hard for me to accept it and probably I’ll never be able to do so. Each treatment as non-healing wounds. As the feeling that this is my fault. Not inspected, not convinced, do not reach out” – sorry Vladimir.

    Other admirers Hail leave on its pages the sad posts and published photos of Anatolia in different years.

    “Listening to the Metropolis last program Anatoly Grad and Reva. The bright memory of the Jedi with a big heart and impeccable taste, which has opened up the world of house music and inspired the early feats of his DJ sets in XIII. I read the post of Vladimir Fonareva, grabbed kalinovskii heart and ran out of the office to go two blocks on the garden ring. My condolences go out to friends and family,” writes one of the fans Satonina.
    Близкие DJ Града высказались о его кончине

    According to Fonareva, the family of Anatoly’t have enough money for his funeral, so the account was opened, to which all interested persons can transfer money. Farewell to DJ Hail will take place in Moscow, and he will be buried in his native Volgograd.

    Catenin was one of the organizers of the festival Kazantip. In 2003 Castle received the title of best house DJ by DJ magazine’s Culture. Recently, Anatoly worked in radio “Station 106,8 FM”.

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