Леди Гага про изнасилование в 19 лет и фиктивный брак с Брэдли Купером

Леди Гага про изнасилование в 19 лет и фиктивный брак с Брэдли Купером

In 2019, the famous American singer Lady Gaga first got my Oscar, but did not stop, and stepping forward aggressively. However, it is not so simple and happy as it seems at first glance, the singer very often in conversations with journalists looking back. Elle magazine in the December issue placed on the cover her face, Lady Gaga starred in her usual style — bright and shocking. And in an interview told the details of his former life.

First celebrity said for his affair with Bradley Cooper, which has caused so much talk. The singer called the press for fools, because their romance is a real theatrical production. With Bradley they themselves invented the story and even wrote a script, the goal was to attract attention and to convince everyone around that they really love each other. And they did it! For several days they worked on this play, rehearsed even, and on the red carpet looked more than confident.

Lady Gaga got her first Oscar for the song Shallow. Unfortunately, when she looks at this award, it feels only pain. The song reminds her of rape that she endured at the age of 19 years, and in his career had its difficult moments, but life continued, so don’t stop there.

All difficult periods in the life of a celebrity has dealt a severe blow to her psyche and now she is forced to constantly be treated. Chronic emotional pain has become an integral part of the lives of Lady Gaga, she is constantly visiting therapists and taking pills, otherwise continue to exist does not work. The star appealed to all the people who have also been through in my life blows, she said that you can survive in any situation, and hence to get his Oscar.

Star prefers dialectical behavioral therapy, with the help of this method, she feels complete. The fact that the terrible memories of the past periodically rolls and she can’t cope with them independently. Once she had a nervous breakdown and it was the worst thing that happened to her lately.

Lady Gaga also remembered how after school, she came to her parents and said she wanted to be a musician, they do not support it. When I started College, celebrity has gone to work three jobs to begin to invest in yourself. She felt unattractive and ugly, so I bought a lot of bright makeup, and my garish makeup. Let’s just say she started in the moment to create a little bit of Lady Gaga today. Many condemned her for such an image, but the singer is sure that after he sees her true nature. So to change she never will.

And at the end of an interview Lady Gaga said that he considers himself a good punk. In her work she expresses the struggle with all that said bad. Kindness will help to heal the world and people in General.

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