Селена Гомес вместе с 6-летней сестрой Грейси на премьере анимационного фильма «Холодное сердце-2»

Plus Selena Gomez at the premiere of “frozen 2” was just amazing: her younger sister Gracie! They even imbued with the spirit of Disney with hairstyles inspired by Anna and Elsa and also with the outfits that gave tribute to the frosty Kingdom of Arendelle.
At the world premiere of “Frozen” in Los Angeles November 7, there were two charming sisters, and we’re not talking about Elsa and Anna! 27 – year-old Selena Gomez was with her younger sister, 6 – year-old Gracie Typhus on the red carpet in Los Angeles at the Dolby theater, and it was a precious sight. The sisters were in the same long dresses with floral print (suitable clothes for the Princess!) with Cape, embellished with grey sequins and feathers. Norwegian outfits paid tribute to the fictional Kingdom of the film, inspired by a European country! The conquest of Selena and Gracie animated film did not end there, as the Duo also braided their hair in braids: Selena put her in two braids to fishtail a La Princess Anne, while Gracie braided my Auburn hair into one long braid, very similar to Queen Elsa. Selena and Gracie went a step further, wearing earrings hoops Sparkle Hearts from Pandora Jewelry and ring Princess Wish!

Селена Гомес вместе с 6-летней сестрой Грейси на премьере анимационного фильма «Холодное сердце-2»
Gracie proudly posed for photographers, much to the delight of Selena. The sisters have also shared the good time, holding hands, showing off their outfits. Selena and Gracie shared the red carpet with many other celebrities, including two stars of the film — Idinas Menzel, 48 (voice of Elsa) and Kristen bell, 39 years of age (voice of Anna)! There were also stars such as Joe Mellencamp and singer ashlee Simpson. Outfit each celebrity deserves your special attention and was suitable for a fairy tale!

Good to see Selena and Gracie together! Sisters of the same blood mother, Amanda, who gave birth to Gracie from her second husband Brian Typhus in June 2013. Selena shared her first photo of baby Gracie in the next month, she had backstage with their dancers during a concert tour of the first graduates of Disney. Like Selena has another half-sister, Victoria Gomez, 5 years, by her father.
“The cold Heart-2” will not reach the theaters until November 22. You can watch only the trailer, which was released on 23 September, or enjoy the stars Frozen dress up as their characters for skits on The Late Late Show with James Korden.

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