KVN spoke about leaving Maslyakov from the post of leading

В КВН высказались об уходе Маслякова с поста ведущего Union representatives commented on the rumors that the entertainer will no longer be on the competition teams. Earlier, Alexander Maslyakov resigned as Director of the state unitary enterprise “IMC planet KVN”.
В КВН высказались об уходе Маслякова с поста ведущего

Recently many millions of fans of the “club of cheerful and resourceful” struck a bit of bad news: the media reported that Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov terminates in sue “planet KVN”. The reason for the dismissal of a celebrity called corruption, which he allegedly committed using official position.

However, on the page of the international Union of club in a social network “Vkontakte” there were new details. The authors hastened to explain to fans of the TV shows that Maslyakov-the senior will continue to lead the program. Male retired solely from the post of Director of the state enterprise that will not affect his work in the First channel.

В КВН высказались об уходе Маслякова с поста ведущего

Also, the report says that a source in the Moscow property Department has revealed some details of the case. According to him, is Alexander really in July left the post of General Director of “Planet of KVN”, but the decision belonged to him and was not associated with the anti-corruption investigation. At the moment the post is temporarily filled by Jan Chaikov. This information informed confirmed, the press service of the “club of cheerful and resourceful”.

“The procedure for the dismissal of the Director of GUP “IMC planet KVN” initiated by A. V. Maslakova in early 2017 in connection with the necessity of bringing his work into line with the requirements of Federal law – quoted in the press the statement of the press service. – However, due to a number of circumstances, including some of the bureaucratic aspects, this process was somewhat delayed. At the same time, this dismissal is produced in full compliance with the requirements of the law.”

Recall that the news, which caused a wide resonance among the public, distributed by the company “transparency international”. It was argued that Maslyakov is associated with financial fraud. In addition, the report said that the presenter did not comply with the restrictions that exist for all heads of State combines the position of Director and own the business. Alexander Maslyakov was fired because of suspicions of corruption

“Already in the fact that there are obvious signs of conflict of interest: Maslyakov as head of the state enterprise made a deal with a private company owned by himself and his family, – said the expert. – Article 22 of the law “On state and municipal unitary enterprises” requires that such transactions are agreed to by the owner, ie, in this case, the Department of property of Moscow. In addition, the Director of the PMU is obliged to inform the user all the information about the organizations that he and his close relatives manage or own more than 20%”.