What awaits Alexander Maslyakov after dismissal?

Что ждет Александра Маслякова после увольнения?
Became known, who will be the “new” leading KVN.

Alexander Maslyakov


In connection with the latest events in the Network actively discussing the theme of the new leading KVN. Recently it became known that Alexander Maslyakov voluntarily left the post of Director of GUP “Moscow youth center “planet of KVN”. However, this does not mean that he leaves office unchallenged leading entertainment!

Today it became known that Alexander will continue to participate in the filming of the games “cheerful and resourceful”. In social networks was posted a formal denial erupted in the days of the scandal. “Moscow authorities have denied rumors about the involvement of the founder and leading KVN Alexander Maslyakov to the corruption scandal, which allegedly led to his resignation as head of the “Moscow youth center “House of KVN,” reports FAN.

Dismissal Maslyakov was initiated by him in the early years and was not associated with the start of inspections. On the eve of his defense, made by colleagues. According to Valdis Pelsh, Alexander — have, no matter bureaucratic formalities, to stay “at the helm” of the club of cheerful and resourceful. “This is the man on which everything rests. Without it, the WHC is unlikely to be the way it used to be!” — sure Pelsh.