Elena Golunova has revealed the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a spouse

Елена Голунова раскрыла загадочные обстоятельства кончины супруга The psychic told about his personal life. Elena Golunova admitted that he still cannot come to terms with the loss of a loved one, despite the fact that now her heart is occupied. However, the details of the new novel the witch has not yet disclose.
Елена Голунова раскрыла загадочные обстоятельства кончины супруга

The star of the TV show “Battle of psychics,” Elena Golunova is considered one of the most secretive member of the mystical show. She tries not to share personal stories with the public. However, for one of the editions of the program still made an exception, having come there as a secret guest. While the contestants tried to guess who sits in front of them, fans of the witches learned a lot about it.

“Now her life is a man. A hard man, but with her it’s very soft, loves her very much. Large as the bun,” – said one of the favorites of the show Konstantin Hecate.

It should be noted that Golunova not only confirmed the words of the colleagues, but also admitted that struck psychic abilities. However, apart from these relations, the contestant remembered about the greatest love of Elena’s life – first husband, the father of Vlad Kadoni. It turned out that the woman is still not reconciled with the loss of a loved one.

“Man. Laughs a lot, smokes a lot, drinks a lot. His violent death – a bullet to the heart. She blames herself for his death. As if there was some prophecy,” said Constantine.

Surprisingly, the celebrity has agreed to with this information. She told me that she once received a marksman badge and handed it to her lover. A week later, her husband did not. Since then, Elena unconsciously finds himself involved in the death of a spouse.

But that’s not the only thing Gaunavou was hard to tell. Witch frankly told about the personal drama that has survived many years ago, left without the support of close relatives. It turned out that after the disintegration of the family, the girl went to her grandmother.

“You in some point was like a kitten thrown. Parents abandoned as a kitten on the street. And whoever took you then with you. On the head, stroking you. You something to blame: crying, asking first for forgiveness, and then aid,” considered a psychic Jean and Dana Alibekova.

Elena didn’t hide – she actually believes himself to be abandoned. Mother and father of a psychic after the divorce, built a new family, where was no place for her daughter. According to Golosovoy, the only thing that made her parents sent money to adulthood.