Kseniya Sobchak naughty on vacation

Ксения Собчак шалит на отдыхе The presenter promised to fill the tape microblog pictures juicy parts of his body. Ksenia Sobchak has decided to mock the haters who criticized her figure in a swimsuit. Celebrity will not accept taunts in his address to heart.

      Ксения Собчак шалит на отдыхе

      The journalist and public figure Kseniya Sobchak spends time in the Maldives. But a celebrity is not only basking on the beach and enjoy the heat and sun, but also to spend time. Together with the well-known singer Natalia Ionova, better known under the pseudonym Gluk’oza, and sweetheart Rostislav Khait Olga Ryzhkova she decided to have a Wellness tour. TV presenter with friends does yoga on a tropical island. However, they do not deprive yourself of pleasure to spend time on the beach and periodically publish pictures in bathing suits.

      But haters criticized the figure Ksenia Sobchak. But, apparently, the presenter of the negative reviews did not care about. It is very ironic attitude to the opinion of detractors, and therefore decided to make fun of them, promising to regularly demonstrate piquant part of the body.

      “Curly want to be provolokami, Provolone – curly. Smart want to be beautiful, beautiful and smart. So when you write to me “a fool” is completely off target, but here are a couple of comments about “lack of priests” and the whole “Instagram” will now be filled with my mini-kardashianesque. Are to blame!” – Sobchak wrote and posted a picture where she turned her back to the camera.

      Fans supported the Xenia and along the way, compliments her shape, and also observed other advantages of a celebrity.

      “Good, so all of them. Let not envy”, “Xenia, you are gorgeous”, “fortunately, you do not love for ass and not for brains, but I love the way she is! With all the faults and virtues!”, “Beautiful figure, beautiful on the outside, and the brain – so this is the sexiest part of your body” – supported star fans.

      Spouse Ksenia Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan, also located in the Maldives with his wife. But, unlike the TV presenter and her friends, the actor is not attached to sports, preferring passive rest.

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