Vasilisa Volodina complained to the complex nature of daughter

Василиса Володина пожаловалась на непростой характер дочери The presenter raises a daughter Victoria and son Fame. Famous astrologer shared how she manages to juggle work, household chores and caring for children. According to Volodya, communication with 14-year-old daughter does not always add up.

      Василиса Володина пожаловалась на непростой характер дочери

      Vasilisa Volodina is one of the leading program “let’s get married!”. In addition to appearing on television, she works as an astrologer and manages to raise two adorable children, feed husband, keep the house clean and tidy. With a year-old son Volodya Glory have no problems, but with a famous daughter relationships mothers formed more difficult.

      Victoria is now 14 years old, she is going through puberty. Like many teenagers, at some point her opinion is not the same as the parent.

      “The wiki nature of the difficult birth. Always insists on his opinion, which is characteristic of a strong man. I have to adapt. In the last year to communicate has become even easier. Daughter studies English seriously as basketball. But on a professional sports career does not claim,” – said Vasilisa.

      Василиса Володина пожаловалась на непростой характер дочери

      Despite some misunderstanding, Vasilisa spends a lot of time with my daughter. Stellar mummy takes a heir with him to large social events. Often consider them as sisters or girlfriends, as in his 42 years Volodina looks great. After the birth of the son of Fame in 2015, the astrologer soon regained the same slim figure she had before giving birth.

      Her baby Vasilisa likes a lot to tell. “Glory already speaks a lot of words: Mama, Papa, Baba, grandpa, uncle, all day long. Knows figures 1 and 2, letters A and d, even on the t-shirt dad calls them. Glory grows astronomer, loves the moon to consider. In the evening, when the light is turned off, it will not stack, you need to keep at it, he looks at the sky and says: “una!”, – Volodin has told, answering questions of readers of “Antenna-Telesem”.

      By the way, for a long time she did not show the son to the public. Leading obyasnila his decision by fear of the evil eye. “Sometimes I feel the negativity in my family. Very rarely, but it happens. Because of this, some time ago I removed from social networks all the pictures one year old son, although I had a huge amount. Slavochka at some point was sick a long time and energy in people is really different, so I decided just in case to protect us and remove the toddler from the virtual space,” explained Vasilisa.

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