Lena Lenina attracted the attention of movie stars at the Cannes film festival

Лена Ленина привлекла внимание кинозвезд на Каннском фестивале The Russian star is known for its love of extravagant outfits. Businesswoman is now in Cannes, where the day before flashed on the red carpet of the festival is an amazing dress, decorated with precious stones, and hair, which was braided with silver branches.

      Лена Ленина привлекла внимание кинозвезд на Каннском фестивале

      Writer Lena Lenina arrived at the premiere of “Financial monster”, which starred George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The show was held Thursday night at the cinema “Lumiere”. For the sake of the Cannes film festival the Russian star was briefly interrupted by the repair in their new home in the suburban village of Cambridge in the New Riga, where on June 18, the stars will be held a housewarming party.

      Lena’s first appearance in Cannes was a historic moment. For Lena freed the carpet, which is due to the threat of terrorist attacks was blocked by a VIP audience to the limit. Only in this way could go and Hollywood stars, and those who came to enjoy watching films.

      The writer made a splash on the stairs leading to the auditorium Lumiere. Lena appeared in the form of a woodland sorceress. Her dress is made of silk fuchsia chiffon with a giant hood and a long train of fashion Isany Jabrailova of the fashion house “Aset” has eclipsed the outfits of other celebrities. Hairstyle Russian businesswoman was decorated with silver branches. On its creation worked the Moscow hairdresser Paul autocrats. Lena’s outfit because of the abundance of pink sapphires, yellow citrine and crystal diamond was insured for a million dollars. A star in her evening toilet was in the care of two bodyguards.

      Лена Ленина привлекла внимание кинозвезд на Каннском фестивале

      The film is a “Financial monster” tells the story about the broadcaster and the geniuses of wall Street who live in front of millions of viewers, are taken hostage by man, who lost all his money because of his advice. At the end of the presentation of best picture producers, critics and actors in the world stood up and welcomed the Director of the movie jodie foster long ovation.

      Cannes film festival runs until may 22. As part of the review will show the painting “Juliet” by Pedro Almodovar, “It’s only the end of the world” Xavier Dolan, “Patterson” Jim Jarmusch and “It” Fields Verhoeven. Beside the competition program of the foreign viewers will be able to assess the new film by Kirill Serebrennikov “(M)Student”. At the time of the event on all the Cote d’azur strengthened security measures. The increase in the number of law enforcement officers due to the recent terrorist acts, potassimu France.

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