Ксения Собчак пришла в ужас от отпуска за границей TV presenter admitted that the trip to Thailand was unsuccessful. Ksenia Sobchak was disappointed with the hotel in which they stayed, along with her husband and son. The owners of the hotel were deceived star family, sending her pictures of the beach do not correspond to reality.

Recently Ksenia Sobchak went on a long trip abroad. The presenter spent a few days in Thailand, sharing the photos of the local scenery and beaches. However, it turned out that the star were not enthusiastic about the holiday.

The festival Esquire Weekend Ksenia gave an interview to Sergei Minaev. The TV star presented the “Sobchak Case” and answered questions from all comers. We are talking about a vacation to Xenia. Sobchak said that the owners have lied to her by sending pictures that are not true.

“I’m always in advance and very carefully choose a hotel. In the end, the administration sent me pictures of Paradise beach in Thailand. I immediately imagined how stretch out on white sand and relax. Here only on arrival it turned out that the beach is horrible. Some stones, like an old abandoned beach somewhere in the Crimea”, – told the TV presenter.

Of course, she immediately went to find out where the most perfect beach, which promised her. In the end it turned out that the Paradise really exists, but it is located half an hour from the hotel. This angered Sobchak even more, because she was traveling with a small child.

“It turns out that to the hotel each morning, there comes the boat, and it is possible to cross to the island from this beach. Sand is beautiful and the types. Generally cool. We have a small child in her arms, and then the boat,” – said Ksenia.

Despite the unpleasant situation, Sobchak was able to relax. She often posted photos with her husband and child, demonstrating the absolute house.

In the words of Xenia, she has low requirements for hotels, but the fact that the property is not identified the inconvenient location of the beach, stirred a TV presenter.

Now the star is in Russia. She appears regularly at various events, managing to devote time to her husband and son.

Fans do not get tired amazed at the health of Xenia. The star is travelling a lot and working on different projects. During the event, Sobchak also admitted that he had achieved much because of its incredible vitality, desire to be better. TV presenter does not hide that earns a lot, but think she deserves it, after all, is one of the most popular ladies in the world of Russian show business.