Илья Ковальчук попробовал себя в роли актера Famous hockey player will appear in the series. In the film Ilya Kovalchuk played himself. The athlete admitted that it was difficult to learn the lyrics, so he sometimes improvised.
Илья Ковальчук попробовал себя в роли актера

Famous hockey player starred in the latest season of “the Team. The final game” on the channel STS, the production of the film company “Art pictures vision”. In the final series, which will show in the autumn, Ilya played himself.

“The most difficult was to learn the text, I have a lot of words, says Kovalchuk with “StarHit”. – Got out as best they could, even improvised and added something of their own.

Before filming I saw a couple of releases, some actors do for a long time know! Guys often go to matches of the national team. And Denis Nikiforov, by the way, is friends with our mentor Oleg V. Znarok, so occasionally overlap in training”.

Popular television series, which tells about the life of a young hockey team “Bears”, this year will celebrate the anniversary – five years on the air. “Every season we try to make the theme a surprise to the audience, – said the “StarHit” Andrew head, Director. – Vyacheslav Fetisov was invited, Alexei Morozov, and this time the stars aligned and we were joined by Kovalchuk. Moreover, in real life Ilya from Tver, and a family man, like our main character to delete a character played by Denis Nikiforov. The whole cast, the crew with great joy the news about the participation of Kovalchuk in the project. You know, when you shoot a series about hockey, you begin to relate to the stars of this sport.”