Сати Казанова заговорила о предательстве любимого человека Fans assume that the artist had a big fight with her husband. Sati Casanova noted that she was very hurt because of what happened. However, to disclose details of the conflict she refused.
Сати Казанова заговорила о предательстве любимого человека

In 2017, fans were actively discussing a big wedding Sati Casanova. The girl was married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo, while arranging several holidays. She never tired of telling about the incredible spiritual connection that almost immediately arose between her and the chosen one.

However, recently on Instagram of the actress have become increasingly rare to appear a joint photo with her husband. The other day and it posted the post, which talked about the terrible betrayal.

“I guess betrayal is the most painful of trials. The earth leaves from under feet, the feeling of such helplessness, confusion. In this moment there is no ability to enter the skin of those who betrayed him: he was guided that he was forced into such an act? The pain and rage drowned out everything else. Another scar on the heart. But rubtsevania heart hard to be soft and compassionate,” said the singer.

Sati did not explain who exactly betrayed her, but fans immediately infer that we are talking about Stefano. They hurried to write a lot of comments under the post, supporting the artist. “Sati, you are fond of Eastern practices and meditations. So you must know that trials are given to us not just because” “I hope things will get better again and you can be together”, “Why is everyone immediately decided that it was about a husband? Maybe she and a friend had a fight” – opinions of fans of Casanova.

Sati itself has hinted that is trying to forgive a loved one for betrayal, but can not do it.

“The question is, to forgive and continue to live with is still an open, soft, loving heart. They say that the tyrants in our lives — we are the most loving people, but they have to teach us such rigid methods to inside have matured a new power”, – summed up Sati.

By the way, yesterday the actress appeared on one of the music award channel RU.TV. However, the fans did not attach much importance, because Stefano is often working abroad. Italian is a very popular photographer, so conducts surveys and workshops around the world.

Earlier Sati was told that their husband has to live in two countries, but this only strengthens relationships. Moreover, Casanova repeatedly hinted that he wants to become a mother.

Anyway, the fans Sati hope she will be able to cope with life’s test and will continue to entertain us with their creativity.