Ксения Собчак ответила на обвинения в том, что она плохая мать

A little over a month ago, Ksenia Sobchak for the first time became a mother. The journalist and actor Maxim Vitorgan was born a son, the details of which the family says.

It would seem that now at the very tender and vulnerable age, parents should give the baby the most attention, however, and Ksenia and Maxim find time to work, which in turn seems weird to them fans.

Network Sobchak repeatedly called “cuckoo” when I see her next photos from some fashion event, or get-togethers with friends. To tolerate name-calling in his address Kseniya was tired and turned to Hayter with a call not to meddle in her personal life: “Ddear my commissioners for the rights of my child, speaking now to the readers of my blog, the joint conditional group name #Kottivakkam, are not tired to write my blog style #accumalux and #Timati-Cuckoo. Do you think that it would be hard to fill all the tape Instagram here so that’s photochemi with walking, Mimino photos of the baby, husband and other home-made sweets, as does the vast majority have given birth to the stars in search of a “better image”. I’m not trying to like you, you and me love and hate — here’s how anyone:) So in my blog about fashion and lifestyle I am sharing only what you think is right. Not looking for your approval or condemnation. And create the “image” of what are you waiting for — too I will not. This is not the way, and my real life, and I keep away from prying. And generally, so anxious for my son, though one would have money for nanny was sent!”