One Direction и Канье Уэст возглавили список неудачников этого года

2016-the year for a number of reasons for many celebrities can be called a failure. That only is a huge amount of star divorces which had been announced over the last 12 months.

Forbes magazine asked the question, for whom 2016 was the most unfortunate and presented a list of losers.

They were the British band One Direction, rapper Kanye West and concert in honor of the inauguration of the President of the United States Donald trump.

The British band received the title of “loser” due to the loss of member Zayn Malik, who went to float freely and confidently conquers musical peaks solo. Besides One Direction have announced a break in his touring, but in the end it turned out that almost all of the boys followed the example of Malik and also worked on his solo career. Is there another group One Direction? A question that has no answer.

The next loser was Kanye West, who this year could not cope with their emotions, and under his end, and all ended up in the hospital. Forbes also took into account the cancellation of the rapper, which can cost him a few million dollars (the penalty).

The third edition gave the Donald Trump. Or rather not to him personally, and the upcoming inauguration, which refuse to take part of many famous actors. Forbes says that if we were talking about the inauguration of Hillary Clinton the situation would be opposite: the event could be stars such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Jay Z, Bruce Springsteen and Jennifer Lopez, who supported her before the election.

By the way, trump said he did not want to see the celebrities at his inauguration. Offended, apparently…