Ksenia Sobchak plunged into the icy water on Epiphany

Ксения Собчак окунулась в ледяную воду на Крещение

On the 19th, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Baptism of our Lord. In this day everyone was able to overcome himself and to plunge into the icy water. This was the TV presenter, journalist and candidate in presidents of Russia — Ksenia Sobchak.

Ксения Собчак окунулась в ледяную воду на Крещение

“I did it! First time in my life! Thank you Tomsk for minus 40 degrees! The village Kornilovo river Oreshica,” shared the news with your followers on instagram Xenia.

“The river Malaya ushayka water. There were so many local people, Siberians, with whom we then together basking. Well, to the question “Why?” the answer is simple: I love to test the strength of various ways. Minus 40 in Siberia is because of a lifetime experience! And I love to live! This is not in Moscow for a swim. And sorry, that is not with a naked torso, you know:)) p. S. For those who will be looking for in the fashion catalogs, the cost of the swimsuit, just to inform: bought in haberdashery in Tomsk 1760 rubles:))” added Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak is now nothing to fear, because at that time, the Russians celebrated the New year with fireworks and firecrackers, Ksenia Sobchak threatened to blast a large scale. TV presenter and presidential candidate told his fans on the social network that the attacker told her about the mining.

“I suspect that the year will be full of surprises! They started from the first day! Some lovely people (apparently having access to my personal data) reported that my apartment is booby-trapped. The second number it is so nice when the house is evacuated, and comes to you a policeman with a dog. In fact, call a criminal case. And this is only the beginning,2 signed Xenia a photograph in which she poses in a hat with the inscription “the Brain”.

On the way to the goal Sobchak will meet a variety of incidents, because now she’s officially running for President. On 26 December the Central election Commission registered the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak as a presidential candidate. The registration has enabled the 36-year-old star to fully organize his election campaign that includes the creation account in the savings Bank and collect for participation in elections 100 thousand signatures.

As it became known, now Sobchak will play in the elections as the representative of the party “Civil initiative”.

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