Alexey Makarov changed the appearance and became unrecognizable

Алексей Макаров изменил внешность и стал неузнаваем
The actor doubts his decision.

Alexey Makarov

Photo: @makarov_alexey_ Instagram

Alexey Makarov decided to conduct an experiment: will he get a mustache? Anyone else in his place would have asked the makeup artist patch antennae, but Makarov not looking for easy ways, so decided to grow his own.

“Once in a lifetime it had to be done. Gather wits and make. To grow their own, and not planted in the epoxy in the working force necessary. To walk 28 minutes. Wonder why red. To move around and then freeze in a stupor in front of the mirror. Wonder why the top gray. To understand that well, it. Finally become aware of their own insignificance. Shave and never do. Well, if, only, under the anxious supervision of specialists”, — shared the experience of Alex.

Fans are given evaluation image Makarova: one in solidarity with Alexei, others are asked to leave the vegetation on the face, where it looks more romantic. By the way, Makarov a few years ago dramatically lost weight and, judging by the photos, he continues to “melt” in the eyes.