Хелен Миррен и Лиам Нисон рассказали о романе, случившемся между ними 30 лет назад

On the TV show the Graham Norton Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren spoke about the affair that happened between them 30 years ago. This fact has surprised many, and the star decided to talk about it in detail. They showed how it is possible to remain friends despite the breakup.

Хелен Миррен и Лиам Нисон рассказали о романе, случившемся между ними 30 лет назад

When the host asked the 72-year-old Helen, that’s really between them had feelings in the period from 1981 to 1985, she reported that they just met, and lived together. “Four years we lived together! We were all very seriously. I was very lucky.” says Mirren.

64-year-old Neeson confirmed the words of his colleagues and said that he was “blown away” when in 1981 he met Mirren on the film-fantasy “Excalibur” Director John Burmen. “Before you meet with Helen, I read somewhere about her story: if she likes a man, she starts behind him to copy his gait. And once on set I turned around and saw her doing it with me,” recalls the actor.

According to Liam, he felt the love of Helen, when she first appeared before him in the costume of her character Morgana. “Oh, shit!” I said to myself,” says Neeson.

Helen, who was 7 years older than Neeson, was his first real love. In the end they drove off together to London, where she put Liam in his apartment and decided to engage seriously in his career. The actress introduced the beloved with his agent Maggie Parker. Neeson got the role of the second plan in the movie “the bounty” (1984) and “the Mission” (1986). Together with Helen, they never worked again. Often they had not seen for months, since their shooting schedules did not coincide. He left, he left each other a gentle note. And one day, after returning from filming, Liam found a letter on the Desk:

“It pains me to say this, but we must part. We both know that you have grown up. It’s time to start an independent life. I got you a room at “Esquire”, today you should go there.”

In the end, Liam bought a ticket to Los Angeles. As admitted in an interview with Mirren, she was really in love with the actor, and let him go it was very difficult. Eight years later, the actor met his future wife Natasha Richardson. They lived together for 15 years, the marriage Liam has two sons — 22-year-old Michael and 21-year-old Daniel. March 16, 2009 Natasha received a traumatic brain injury in a ski resort in Quebec and in two days died. More the actor is not married.