Участие в «Доме-2» не помешает Александру Гобозову видеть сына The man was going to the Clearing to Kate Zinovyeva. According to Gobozov, the project will not prevent him from contacting his son. Alexander and Aliana in turn taking care of your child, so he is not deprived of parental love.

Alexander Gobozov said that his future participation in the project “Dom-2” will not affect his communication with loved ones. The man was going to telestroke to Kate Zinovyeva. They met previously on the set of one show. Throughout January, viewers will decide who of the “Oldies” reality show will join the current lineup.

According to Gobozov, he is ready for a lot to go to meet up with Robert as often as possible.

“I’ll see every day! Every morning I take him to kindergarten. I think that at 7am I’m on the ground useless, so I hope that the leadership I will let go for an hour to come to the child, to Wake him, to stay with him and take him to the garden,” shared Alexander.

As the man told, most of the time the boy spends in kindergarten, so on weekdays they see him about the same time. Robert’s mom now does not forbid him to communicate with his father, although at one time with Sasha was a misunderstanding.

“The perimeter of Robert I have always drove to kindergarten, and Aliana took him. Or Vice versa. We are, in fact, and now live with Allianoi close to each other, and the project even closer. Because in the evening you kindergarten child took, he ate, bathed and went to bed,” said Alexander.

We will remind, Katya Zinoviev believes that Gobozov is perfect for her. Girl is ready to obey a man in everything. The project participant has attracted that Alexander was ready to get her location. Participant of “House-2” Alexander calls Gobozova to dominate

In contrast to many other former members of telestroke Alexander speaks positively about his time on the reality show. “I do “House-2″ is considered an integral part of my life. It’s my home, and I can go visit whenever you want at any time. I always and all will be happy to see. I want to come now not just to the project, and the girl liked it. Loved it!” – said Alexander in an interview with the publication Dom2life.

Gobozov appeared on “Dom-2” on 9 March 2007, but with the show and its participants he had met earlier while he served in the army. For a long time he could not build relationships on the project, but in 2013 met Aliana Gobozova. However last year they finally dispersed. Alexander Gobozov about the breakup with Allianoi: “I left her business and a car”