Ксения Собчак посвятила трогательное письмо отцу The presenter is grateful to dad for many things he had taught her. August 10, Anatoly Sobchak would have turned 79 years old. Xenia admits that people like it, meet in this life is almost impossible.

      Ксения Собчак посвятила трогательное письмо отцу

      TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak admitted the microblog that I will never forget the father and will love him forever. Soviet politician Anatoly Sobchak could now be executed 79 years. The first mayor of St. Petersburg passed away in 2000. Cause of death was acute heart failure, although it was also considered version of the murder.

      In the last five years of his life Sobchak was declared baiting. In 1997, the policy had to go live in Paris, as in Russia on it criminal case. The daughter of Anatoly Alexandrovich still blames himself for the fact that at that time she was more important than meeting friends and partying than communicating with the father. Xenia flew to France just for holidays.

      “He was there, lonely and exiled, betrayed and slandered. There is no longer the first love, I do not remember the names of her fellow students do not remember, with whom I spent the years of dad’s links. But the one whom I miss, I remember every day when there is no such point on the earth where we could go,” wrote Sobchak in one of his columns.

      For Ksenia, the loss of his father has become a serious challenge. At that time the star was 18 years old. According to the leader, it is the Pope who taught her to understand people. However, anyone like the father she never met in my life. Sobchak in the microblog, left a touching record in a memory of Anatoly Alexandrovich.

      “I love and will always love you. Thank you for teaching me to be free, not to be afraid to say what you think, and for teaching me to see the thing in people. The hardest part for me to accept the fact that to be a man of your scale – it is a luxury and a rarity for people. And all life is a search for those “large cell”. Those who at least something like you,” wrote Ksenia under rare black-and-white photo, which young politician holding his little heiress.

      Ksenia repeatedly told that she grieved at the death of the father, since her childhood she had looked up to him. Anatoly paid much attention to the development and education of the daughter. According to Sobchak, dad, she developed a relationship of trust: he allowed his daughter, but never tired of teaching her principles of life, to explain how to behave with other people. “For me, dad has always been the ideal, it was the most beloved man in my life. His death was a huge tragedy, the most difficult experience. I had terrible depression. I barely got out alive from all this. And, of course, nobody around him I can not deliver,” – said Ksenia, in an interview.

      With age, Sobchak failed to bond with her mother Lyudmila Narusova, a girl in conflict in the transition to adulthood. Now, when the star is expecting a baby, it is especially important to support family. Leading husband Maxim Vitorgan tries to surround her with love and care that she has received only positive emotions. This summer, they spent a memorable vacation in Portugal. Fans of Ksenia noted that beside her husband she literally glows with happiness. Ksenia Sobchak ardently confessed his love to her husband after the scandal

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