Денис Матросов крестил сына Little Fyodor was born on the first of may. Now, when the child is a little older, the parents decided to hold a mystery. The artist hopes that the boy will inherit all the best from his grandfather, after whom he was named.

      The first of may is known theater and film actor Denis Matrosov son was born. Beloved artist Olga gave your darling child decided to call Fedor. About the joyous event announced the new Pope, posting a photo from the maternity ward right after the baby was born.

      Three months later, when the baby is a little older, parents hurried to go to Church to baptize the boy. Sailors did not make a secret of it and personally informed about important events in the life of his heir, however, told about it immediately, but it’s only four days after the ceremony.

      “The sixth of August 2016, father Andrew at the Church of our Varos christened Feodor Denisovich in honor of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, canonized by the Orthodox Church the fifth of August 2001,” – said the Sailors.

      Now, the actor hopes that the dignity of the leader, who was canonised, will be passed to his son. He remembered all that is famous Ushakov, and also mentioned his grandfather, in whose honor and named the baby. The actor drew a parallel with the fact that the child was born on Easter, and the name Fedor is translated as “God”.

      Photo published by Denis Matrosov (@denismatrosov) Aug 10 2016 at 1:13 PDT

      “Of course, with the name only of Sailors in honor of the Admiral, the commander of the naval forces of Russia. By the way, in the battles of Fedor Ushakov did not lose a single ship and none of his subordinates were not captured. Yes, and my grandfather Fedor Akimovich Losev, in whose honor I named my son, was kissed by God, went through three wars without the slightest injury, has lived a long life with a beloved wife Anna, which gave birth to and raised four children. And my grandfather was an incredibly kind person. God forbid, Fedor Sailors will take all that was best in these people. Pictured with Anastasia godmother and godfather Alexander,” – said Denys joyfully to all the fans in Instagram and published a picture of the whole family.

      Fans shared the joy with the parents of the little child actor, and hastened to wish a happy life to Frank. “I congratulate you! Your baby’s health!”, “Congratulations. Let it grow son to the delight of parents”, “Congratulations. God bless your family,” said fans Matrosov.

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