Ксения Бородина восстановила мир в семье The presenter made clear that it is very happy. The star posted a touching photo, which depicted her husband and young daughter Thea. Fans of celebrity was delighted with the news that her house again there is love and understanding.

      The last few weeks, fans of Ksenia Borodina sincerely worried about her happiness. The fact that earlier the community was shocked with the news that longtime leading “House-2” and her husband Kurban Omarov had a big fight, and later it became known that the young parents are going to get a divorce. Only after a while the couple was able to find the strength to meet and discuss all grievances, which caused discord in the family. Xenia and Eid have come to understand that the relationship should be built on mutual trust, love and understanding, and therefore made every effort to not only communicate, but to become each other closer.

      Looks like a difficult period in family life Borodina behind. Previously she has preferred to remain silent on the topic of a possible reconciliation with her husband. Only once Kurban Omarov has placed in his microblog a photo of the kids – little Thea, Maroussi and Omar. He thereby gave to understand that the ice was broken. This time, to declare reconciliation resolved itself Ksenia Borodina. The media personality has published a very touching picture of the youngest daughter nestled on dad’s back. In the caption to this publication, the celebrity thanked all concerned for the support they provided to her for several weeks.

      “I want millions of times to tell you all thank you for your love, your devotion, for your warm words, that you are always ready to support me in word and deed. Your warmth is always felt. Be happy,” asked Borodin to the fans.

      Subscribers microblog Ksenia instantly reacted to this publication and made it clear that they had seriously nervous for her. “Don’t fight it anymore. Love each other, because you have such a family”, “Let nothing ever separates you and your family. Take care of each other and appreciate the happiness you” “don’t listen to anyone, do what you want! You have a lovely daughter, you are an example for them, and for many women,” wrote the loyal fans of the star.

      Earlier, close friends Xenia and Kurban in the conversation with “StarHit” said that love and the desire to maintain a happy family was stronger mutual resentment. Environment couple says that lobster has made every effort to regain the trust of his wife. Husband Ksenia Borodina will be tested on the lie detector

      “I saw he was very worried about my girls when they went to rest in Turkey, and there began the fighting. As soon as She arrived, he called and said, “I love you. And to prove his loyalty. I may even have to take the lie detector” – shared with “StarHit” buddy Bulat Omarov.

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