Иван Краско изводит молодую супругу ревностью The actor admits he is often plagued by suspicions about the fidelity of his wife. If this Ivan is not satisfied with favorite scenes, but only gently asking questions. According to the artist, his behavior caused concern for Natalia.

      Иван Краско изводит молодую супругу ревностью

      The marriage of actor Ivan Krasko a young student Natalia about a year ago excited the public. Many people do not understand that could tie the 24-year-old student and an 85-year-old artist. According to star theatre, the process of formation of relations passed slowly. Ivan Krasko was taught on the course, and Natalia was struck by the commitment and talents of girls. However, when they first started Dating, many of their friends did not approve of such a novel.

      “Among our loved ones, friends, colleagues, to be honest, there was stratification. Some took our Natalia relationship unconditionally. Other surprised, they still have not scattered,” – said Ivan Krasko.

      Despite the age difference, the family reigns understanding. However, 85-year-old actor claims that are often worried about where and with whom is his young wife. Recently Natalie and I traveled to Greece on tour with his theatre without her husband. The young wife of Ivan Krasko off to Greece without him

      “To quarrel, to suspect each other, we somehow know. And I’m sorry that sometimes plagued her in all sorts of suspicions where have you been, with whom? This reflects the jealousy that plagues her. But for me it’s a sign of my concern for her. My – I say it openly – love for her. I understand that it seems wrong to be jealous. But at this age it may be, and of course,” admitted Krasko.
      Иван Краско изводит молодую супругу ревностью

      Natalia tries not to give cause for jealousy. Another obstacle to a carefree family life is the fact that the couple are not the same biorhythms. The young artist’s wife rarely goes with him to bed at the same time. “Natalia, we have owl, working mostly at night. I, as a naval man, accustomed to the regime. But I think that natural cycles should be considered. So when Natalia goes to bed in the morning, I naturally protective of her. Can only advance to ask what time to Wake up”, – said the actor in an interview Wday.ru.

      The young wife of Ivan Krasko jokes in bed

      Spouses Krasko have to make time to socialize with each other. Natalia admits that she is interesting to talk, to walk, to go anywhere with her husband. However, about procreation and the family can’t think. According to Krasko, this prevents the lack of your space. 24-year-old actress is in no hurry to become a mother, as fears for the future of the child and is not ready for parenting. Ivan understands the fears girl, so don’t rush her in this matter.

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