Ksenia Sobchak breaks away from work while feeding the baby

Ксения Собчак не отрывается от работы во время кормления малыша Journalist and TV presenter combines maternal care and work duties. Ksenia Sobchak has repeatedly admitted to his fans that she was bored on maternity leave, but because she tries to come up with various lessons.

      Journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak for the first time became a mother on November 18. Loyal fans of a celebrity with her was glad such a significant event in her life. Despite the fact that Xenia gave birth to a baby just two weeks ago, she has had time to get bored on maternity leave. Sobchak tries as quickly as possible to return to normal for her active lifestyle, and therefore have started to work from home.

      “Thank you my favorite edition of my team today, congratulations. I miss you very much, honestly. And thank you century technologies can now watch the workflow on Skype and Watsu even during feeding,” wrote Ksenia in his microblog.

      Fans were amazed by the dedication of a celebrity that tries to combine child care with duties of the chief editor of one of the glossy magazines. “Xenia! Such a smart, beautiful, and now mom – this is so cool and awesome! All the puzzle came together! Well done!”, “A successful woman is successful in everything, even in feeding”, “Can set aside the working process and to be just mom? Enjoy, relax,” the happy subscribers of this activity Sobchak.

      For many young mothers it was amazing to hear from Ksenia that she had nothing to do with the decree. Many parents suffer from the fact that not find the time in their business, as all their attention is focused on the kids. However, the TV presenter can’t figure out what to do on leave to care for a child. She buys books to somehow entertain yourself.

      “Stay at home – is downright dangerous for the mental health occupation. Turned on the TV. The facilitator is the trial of a woman to put her on a stake. I’m going to read Pelevin purchased new or Laurel Vodolazkin, perhaps” – he spoke about his changed lifestyle Sobchak.

      Ksenia Sobchak fears for his psyche in the decree

      Last weekend, Ksenia, together with her husband Maxim Vitorgan got out of the house to enjoy the creativity of the group “spleen”. She got unforgettable emotions during the concert. And recently, she held a charity auction. Before the New year Sobchak intends to work on several corporate events. However, the feast of the presenter will be at home, in the family circle.