The army accused the lawyer Anisina rape

Джигурда обвинил адвоката Анисиной в изнасиловании The showman made a loud statement. Sergei Zhorin tolerant to such kind of statements. He believes that Nikita Dzhigurda goes ugly in relation to Marina Anisina those.

      Nikita Dzhigurda famous for its bold statements. At this time, the man accused of lawyer Sergei Gorina rape of his ex-wife Marina Anisina those. Nikita told reporters that his now ex-wife complained to him of the servant of Themis. He allegedly blackmailed her, and then raped the pre-opoiv clonidine. Also Nikita is sure that their divorce from the Olympic champion was simply necessary for the lawyer to take possession of the inheritance Ludmila Bratash.

      However, Sergey Zhorin is quite tolerant to such statements, the infamous showman. In a conversation with “StarHit” he admitted that these words, said Nikita, and have nothing to do with reality.

      “Nonsense next. Instead of having to settle down, he continues to read the wife, the mother of his children is just ugly. I think anyone who reads this statement Nikita Dzhigurda, smile, once again, will twist at a temple and all this will end. People are sick and need him just to help”, – said Sergey.

      On the eve of Marina Anisina openly told about life with her ex-husband. She told me that she lived in continual fear for their lives. After skater told him about his intention to divorce him, he hit her in the forehead so hard that it started bleeding. Nikita said that he didn’t do it on purpose. She also told about other oddities of the former spouse. “In Moscow running around with a knife, waving in front of my eyes. I was really scared. Although he shouted: “don’t worry, Nikita. If I stab someone, stab yourself,” priznalas Marina.

      Marina Anisina revealed the truth about the divorce

      Sergei Zhorin said that the Olympic champion is an incredible restraint and calm, so for a long time suffered such a behavior of her spouse.

      “Marina, thank God, a man adequate, she realizes what is happening Morrice. We have not yet discussed the statement of Nikita, I think, I’m going to laugh about this situation. It is unpleasant, of course, is to listen, but she even somehow got used to it”, – told the “StarHit” Zhorin.