Philip Kirkorov celebrated the birthday of his daughter

Филипп Киркоров с размахом отмечает день рождения дочери The king of the domestic pop scene gave the girls the Grand celebration. Philip Kirkorov congratulated Alla-Victoria fifth anniversary. The festival brought together numerous celebrity guests and friends of the birthday girl.

      Today, the daughter of Philip Kirkorov-Alla-Victoria is celebrating its first anniversary. The girl was five years old. In honor of this event the king of Russian pop scene was a mere girl chic celebration in the restaurant “Chalet birch”. On the birthday of Alla-Victoria gathered celebrity guests – the godfather girls, Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalia Shkuleva, wife of Stas Mikhailov Inna daughters, Yana Rudkovskaya and many others. Hall was also filled with friends of the birthday girl, who enjoy having fun on holiday.

      Philip tried to arrange for the successor the Grand celebration. The restaurant for all children was organized a terrific show. Alla-Victoria was wearing a beautiful silver dress and looked charming and then the girl changed her outfit into a white dress with embroidery.

      “Celebrate the first anniversary of the youngest generations of our family, the fifth anniversary of my beloved daughter Alla-Victoria,” wrote a man in a microblog, posted a video with holiday.

      Fans rushed to congratulate the daughter of the king of pop and not stingy on the warm words addressed to the baby.

      “Philip, dear, I congratulate you happy birthday your Princess a little baby of Alla-Victoria! Let it grow healthy and most importantly happy! Let her still while that little life will be just joyful and happy events and moments!”, “Let it be always healthy and happy your little beauty! Philip, you are the best dad!”, “Happy birthday to your daughter. All the best to her. Let it be your pride,” wrote loyal followers of the artist.

      Philip loves his children. He tries to make it so that Alla-Victoria and her brother Martin grew up versatile individuals. He even thinks to give the daughter to engage in artistic gymnastics.

      Exclusive report from the festival of Alla-Victoria, read the next issue of the magazine “StarHit”.