Ксения Собчак пылко призналась в любви мужу после скандала The presenter turned to Maxim Vitorgan, calling it the most native and favourite. Despite the nasty rumours that are spreading about a couple of detractors, they are still happy together, and ready to share joy with others. Fans of Ksenia Sobchak said that she is lucky with her husband.

      Attentive fans of Ksenia Sobchak is well known, the touching of her relationship with her husband Maxim Vitorgan. Those who actively follow the life of a star, not just watched, with some trepidation and tenderness they treat each other and how each of them flourishes in the presence of the second half. However, to demonstrate the family idyll in his microblog Ksenia does not like, and therefore learn about the details of their Vitorgan relationships often possible thanks to the publications in the accounts of friends of the couple. This time Sobchak made an exception – she posted a photo of her beloved husband and left in signature passionate confession that touched the social network users.

      “My most beloved and dear. The person who not just tolerates all my assorted cockroaches, but still dearly loves them and to train”, – wrote Ksenia.

      Needless to say, a number of comments appeared below the post after a few minutes. People from all over the country wrote that Sobchak and Vitorgan are examples of these a harmonious relationship men and women. “Well said, will write in the notebook”, “so Much love and tenderness in your words, Ksenia… so Much inner harmony and trepidation, that we suddenly think, what a wonderful feeling – love. And how fortunate are those who have had to learn,” wrote fans of pregnant stars.

      We will remind, yesterday in the Network actively discussed the next publication of the blogger Lena Miro, in which she allowed herself to speak on the topic of pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak. The woman in her characteristic manner, began to make fun of the presenter and her husband, simultaneously stating that Sobchak was pregnant from another man. The controversial publication of Miro instantly condemned by numerous users of social networks, stressing that she envies the happiness of a young family, therefore spreading nasty rumors. Ksenia Sobchak ridiculed the rumors about the father of her child

      Answer the Xenia was not long in coming – the chief editor of a fashion magazine left in his microblog post, which spoke about Miro and its unfounded accusations. “Well, voracious fetus in the womb Ksenia Sobchak ate the last remnants of the brain in some network worms,” wrote the celebrity.

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