Экс-пиарщица Потапа и Насти Каменских заявила об их романе The woman claims that for many years the rapper cheating on his wife with his colleague. A former employee of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih also said that artists many years trying to get out of the resulting love triangle, but none of them have the strength to do it.

      Экс-пиарщица Потапа и Насти Каменских заявила об их романе

      In show business there are cases when artists, working in a team, build relations with each other. Joint touring, constant rehearsals, recording songs and videos , events, bring colleagues together, and they already can not imagine life without each other. The first few years, the field of appearing on a musical Olympus of the duet Potap and Nastya Kamenskih rumors about the affair of young people has not abated. Only after a while, when the actor got married and became a father of a beautiful boy, talking about it stopped. However, in this story it was not so simple. At least, so says the PR Director, who for five years worked with the popular group.

      A woman named Anna claims that Alexey Potapenko ( the real name of the artist, Approx. “StarHit”) and Nastya Kamenskih for a long time romantically involved. The former PR girl of the famous Duo took the liberty not only to attribute to the former ward of a whirlwind romance, but also stated that the wife of the captain aware of his connection on the side.

      “I don’t want to be a gossip, but for a long time nobody wonders do Potap and Nastya Kamensky. People who work with them, — all know it, ” said the mysterious Anna V. – Only, I am very sorry for his wife. Who she was and who she became now, is heaven and earth. But what can she do against beauty Nastya Kamensky. She can’t leave this “loot”, the luxury that gives her happiness completely. Neither she nor her child. And she, too, can understand: she’s a woman in love is weak. Of course, she loves it. Here’s a vicious relationship, coming out of no where. Someone needs to leave, but nobody leaves. And people listen, at home with her mom in the kitchen all right…”. Well, where is the good?”
      Экс-пиарщица Потапа и Насти Каменских заявила об их романе

      It is worth noting that at the time “discovered the truth” Anna V. was fired by the artists without explanation. It’s fair to assume that the scandalous statement – no more than a PR girls trying to take revenge on those who left her without a job. However, to dwell on the “Frank recognition” the woman is not going. In October of this year, Anna is hoping to release a book which will tell about the seamy side of show business and the secrets of many of its representatives. As stated by the PR girl edition Life.ru she takes on the mission of man that will open people’s eyes to what is happening.

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