Евгений Цыганов соблазнил студентку

In the new series on TNT “Crisis tender age” Eugene played a teacher, fell in love with a student.

August 8 on channel TNT starts the new series “Crisis tender age.” This is a story about three best friends who just turned 18: Shura Ermakov, Anya Silkin and Julia Kuzmin. The main characters played by young actress, but in addition to the series there are numerous stars.

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Yevgeny Tsyganov played the role of a teacher Shura, the vet, in which falls one of the girls, but he went to Kamchatka to study rare animals.

The parents of the main characters also played by famous actors: Shura’s mother, who returned to her father after a long absence, Alexander Child, father, Fyodor Lavrov; mother Ani Silkini – Alisa Grebenshchikova, and her father – Maxim Vitorgan.

Directed by Natalia Merkulova, shared his impressions of working with Vitorgan: “We fell in love with Maxim. He did a great job on the image. It was very pleasant to work with. The main thing – it is different from Vitorgan, who we usually see in comedies, in the “Day of radio” and so forth.”

“I really like the TNT channel because it offers me the roles that are interesting to me, said about his role of Alisa Grebenshchikova. — I finally play a character my age: my character is 36 years old and I at the time of filming was 36 years old. I think it was a very important step for me as the performer, because I still have a lot to offer to play young girls.”

In addition, the series appear Olga Tomycine, rapper Kravtsov, a group of “Technology”, the group “Murakami”, whose music used in the soundtrack of “the Crisis of the tender age,” the actor “Teacher” Artem Lewelin, Andrey Prytkov, known for the film “the Geographer globe drunk”, and others.

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