Ксения Бородина поведала о характере младшей дочки Little Tay is growing and smiling and perky. According to the undisputed leading “House-2”, she actively shows emotion and makes it clear what she likes and what not. Ksenia Borodina believes that Teona is a strong character, after all, now in some moments it is very demanding.

      For a long time Ksenia Borodina tried not to talk about the youngest daughter of strangers – little Theon was too young to appear on the picture of your mom on Instagram or become a subject of discussion for strangers. Only six months after the birth of a girl permanent a leading “House-2” began to share with the fans details of a growing baby and to show some pictures of her. All the positions of the stars in the microblog, where we are talking about her younger heiress, attracted a record number of likes and comments by fans of Ksenia expressed sincere affection and admiration.

      Now little Theon for seven months, and she gradually began to manifest itself in nature. The presenter told us about how growing her adorable daughter and why she believes that the girl will be very sociable and cheerful.

      “It is difficult to say what Thea’s character because she is very small. But I can say that Mara at her age was quieter, – the eldest daughter I have a more serious girl, thoughtful, and Thea laughs a lot, very helpful. While it is demanding – not screaming and not crying, but grunting as if saying to me: “I Want it here and right now.”

      In matters of child care Xenia is actively helping her oldest daughter. Marussia aims to ease the life of his beloved mother, if in her power. For example, if the family remain at home without a babysitter, and the mother of two daughters need to go to the kitchen for water or milk, Theon remains under the supervision of elder sister. “At first Mary felt a little jealousy, but it passed quickly: she realized that Thea was her sister, blood. Marusya done: Babysitting, largely helps.

      I wonder what the baby already has their own preferences and habits. For example, the girl will not part with a favorite toy. With her Theon is ready to spend a few hours in a row, and for some months she is still not tired.

      “Favorite toy of Thea – duck with which she is sleeping with two months. Without it we are nowhere – I can already feel that it is our friend for centuries”, – said Ksenia Borodina in an interview with “House-2”.

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