Особое приглашение: где родят звездные мамочки  и сколько это будет стоить “StarHit” found in some clinics will be born the heirs of celebrities. Svetlana Anokhina, Maria Sittel and Anastasia Meskova shared his plans and explained his choice. To a happy event in the life of the star moms have only a few weeks.

      Особое приглашение: где родят звездные мамочки  и сколько это будет стоить

      In the coming months star in several families happens updated moms will Alsu, Maria Sittel, ISA Anokhin, Anastasia Meskova and other famous women. Of course, to a happy occasion, they prepared in advance – choose clinics, doctors, strollers, Cribs, and everything that could be useful for them before and after the appearance of the baby born. “StarHit” to find out where and in what conditions you plan to give birth to star parents and how much money they will spend. Alsou birth in Israel for a million


      Designer ISA, despite the fact that already half a year lives with her husband Dmitry and son Sam in Bali, plans to give birth in Moscow Lapino. Time to put on the first of October. “Loved ones are waiting for us, they will be at birth, like my husband – says the “StarHit” 31-year-old ISA. In the capital a couple of weeks. As soon as we receive documents for the export of baby abroad, don’t come back. We already bought a crib, a stroller and a little wetsuit for surfing. When I was pregnant with Sam, in the last months said it would be a C-section. And now I want labour, delivery, I want to scream.”

      More are all waiting for the appearance of the brother in the light of the son ISA.

      “Every day he communicates with him. Want to learn how to behave in two, and to swim in a year,” smiles the designer. – I enjoy every day. Sam was not like this: they could not talk to the belly, thought – nonsense. Now do it several times a day, sing to him, Pat. With thanks to the extra weight, although I wanted him to lose. It’s just a conscious motherhood.


      Особое приглашение: где родят звездные мамочки  и сколько это будет стоить

      Leading the program “Vesti” on TV channel “Russia 1” will become a mother for the fifth time. 40-year-old Maria is observed in the Moscow clinical hospital “Lapine”. The cost of VIP delivery there is 500 thousand rubles. “The choice depends on where we live, – has shared with “StarHit” Maria. – A few years ago moved his family out of town. Therefore, if earlier it was the Center of family planning and reproduction on Sevastopol Avenue, now closer Lapino. In addition, I have had a long warm relationship with mark Kurtzer. The only problem is that, shortly before delivery to schedule a trip abroad, as if the baby wanted to be born there.”

      Maria Sittel predicted the birth of a girl

      In the family of Maria and her husband, businessman Oleksandr Tereshchenko older three sons – Ivan, Savva and Nicholas, as well as the eldest daughter Dasha from his first marriage Sittel.

      Anastasia Meskova

      In the family of 31-year-old star of the TV series “the Sweet life” the completion is expected in September. “When her husband, Alexander found out that I was pregnant, he immediately put a condition – sure to be present during childbirth, says “StarHit” Meskova. – We have already ordered the stroller in the Bugaboo, was chosen based on its lightness and maneuverability. Also purchased the crib in EllipseBed. At the end of August are planning a “mother-party”. And the husband is actively monitoring my diet. Eat lots of fruits and berries, especially cherries – in nemerenoe number. I can’t wait Arbuzov”.

      For Melikovoy is not the first child – her eldest son is 10 years old.

      “When Vasenka was a little girl, I had always kept the mode, so the unborn baby will also teach,” continues the actress. For example, feeding every three hours, sleep in the afternoon… Now the eldest went to choose things for school, he suddenly asked: “Mom, for the little remember?” My husband also wants to quickly meet the child, worried. By the way, in my belly there is someone sitting restless. Vaska was calmer. And then the constant moving.

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